Wednesday, September 28, 2011


When the US and UN leave, it looks like the Hagganis Crime family, part of the Zadrai Tribe, may be taking over Afghanistan They get their money from exhortation, kidnapping, smuggling, protection money, and it is thought from wealthy contributors from the Gulf States.  They invest in legitimate businesses such as car dealerships, schools to create a steady stream of young radicals and have a private army of fifty or 60,000 warriors.  

Meanwhile the King of Saudi Arabia is giving the women not only the right to vote, but also the right to run for public office.  Yet the woman who recently drove the family car, is getting ten lashes for breaking the Saudi law that states woman are not allow to drive.  The Saudi King overuled the Courts and has just revoked the female driver's sentence.  Ah!  One bit of sanity in the world.

Gold has plunged to under $1600 an ounce, a 6.6% drop since September 22nd.  While the Chinese have installed gold vending machines because the demand is so high.  As for the smart money and major hedge funds, they are investing in US treasuries and Dollars.

It was also suggested by a follower, that a look at the US Republican Party canididates might give one pause to think, as well.

And James Bond, who could save us all from each and every one of these disasters, has gotten cold feet during the making of his latest movie, about doing stunts on India’s rickety old trains. 

Looks like it’s well over time to cash in our Swiss Francs, which are now being tied to the Euro –heaven forbid – and go buy a Greek Island at wholesale prices.  A little ouzo and Baklava sounds pretty good to me right now.  

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