Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Images of Ladakh

Monastery on a mountain side
Typical momastery entry


Me, Dolma, Dora, and the artist, Ruth
Stupas along the road

During a trekking visit to Ladakh, Ruth Bleif drew these numerous sketches of the country.  
A Ladakh mounain scene

The full mountain scene

A branch of apricots 

Apricots are a major crop in Ladakh.    
During apricot season, they are so plentiful, local shopkeepers hand them out to customers in their shops. Often offered with a cup of tea. There is also a wonderful apricot drink one can buy for twenty or thirty rupees in shop at the end of the main street.   This is also where one goes to refill water bottles for about 7 rupees.  Between the woven paper bags and reusing of water bottles the Ladakhis are mindful of their environment.
A  stupa and monastery windon 

A yak  

You will never see a yak in a zoo, because they can only survive above ten or twelve thousand feet or higher.  They are wonderful Himalayan pack animals, and Tibetans and other mountainous people give their yaks names groom them and treat them like members of the family.  Yaks are obviously much loved animals among Himalayan people.

If you are interested in Ruth's work, please contact her at ruthbleif@gmail.com 

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