Monday, October 27, 2014

from left:  Dolma, mother holding little Amo, Disket holding little Dlsket, Me, Dolkar, Disket's son, and Amo.


Desket (her name means Happy) wearing a wedding
Women’s Ladakhi traditional wedding clothes are quite ornate.  The bride actually wears two dresses, one layered on top of the other.  One dress is given to her by her parents, the other by the mother of the groom.  Then added are special ear rings, a felt like hat the extends out like Micky Mouse ears,(Ladakhi friends please forgive my comparison) but sideways, and then added to this is a long head covering of turquoise and some jewels.  Below are my friends who are modelling their wedding their garb for you, my readers.   

Darket ( name means goddess)and Amo dressed for their weddings.
Amo's long earrings are called Aa-long
Amo, who married the son of the family,
Jigmet, as the first daughter in her family,
she  got and wore the Parak, the turquoise
headdress at her wedding.
Dolkar modeling the Tasru or black half hat worn under the
Back view of the Perak headdress
worth $10,000.
Amo wearing a gold necklace,
value around $5000. And an
Antique coral and turquoise necklace

Dolkar being the second daughter did not wear
the turquoise Perak (hat), because it was inherited
by her older sister, Disket. But she is also wearing a real
gold disk necklace and strands of pearls.

The bride wears a beautiful cape that is made of fine materials and sheep's hair. I am sorry I do not know the name for it.  When she is a mother of the groom, she will also wear a cape such as this at her son's wedding.

These pictures were taken in Dolma's lovely garden

The garden is in the back of the lovely Jigmet Guesthouse and Hotel
Dear Dorje and Dolma's family, I hope I got this all correct.

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