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Facts and Thoughts


 Colonel Sanders Chicken was the US fast food restaurant to invade China.  Unlike of its American counterparts a major part of their menus are hamburgers and noodle dishes (both major foods in the Chinese diet). 

In Japan the ‘in’ place for Christmas dinner is Colonel Sanders Restaurant.  Reservations are made months in advance, and among many, it is a sad holiday if your family must make other plans.

Ubud, Bali, has a Circle K mini store on almost every street.  There are no gas stations attached, but it is the corner store of choice in the area.  

Thailand is riddled with Swenson’s ice cream parlors and is the land of 7/11s.  Much like the Circle Ks in Bali, one often sees 7/11s through out many locations in the country.  But most fantastically, when in Bangkok in an emergency dial 1711 and it is advertised you will get your Mickey D fix delivered within 15 minutes.  Yes, in Bangkok Macdonald’s has home delivery.  Did I try it, no but I tend to be nearer to vegetarianism than Ronald Mac.       

I have fallen in love with Ciptadent Fresh Mint Indonesian tooth past.  At about 1.47 US, it is not quite so ‘minty’ – good, and more foamy than American brands; enough to create that mad dog look in the mirror making for a more fun tooth brushing experience. 

2011 must be the year of the child.  Children are traveling with their families everywhere.  I saw lots of babies in Bali, and late grade school and middle school kids in Bangkok. Families with children of all ages are traveling in Nepal.  As for pregnant women! They are everywhere.  I can only assume that the sex lives of international young couples are just great.  Or, are they so patriotic that in they are really trying to contribute to the needs of the aging populations in their respective countries – Ah, forcing themselves to sacrifice for the greater good.   

Need to go to the Dentist?  The places to go are Thailand and Nepal.  I have met a number of travelers whose dentists are in Thailand, particularly Chaing Mai.  Sam had her teeth cleaned for ten US bucks there.  I had mine ‘scaled’ for 40 US in Nepal, and a good job too.  The same dentist, Dr. Prehigga Shiwakoti, has done major work for my friends Armand and Eveline, both from Holland, who cannot praise this young dentist at Dent Inn enough at her skill and inexpensive rates.

Riding in a local bus (local can mean transport to any part of Nepal) in Nepal is like experiencing a Bollywood movie with only the music and no picture for often six and a half hours at a time, with drivers who have a death wish to see the ‘white tunnel’ at least twice during every trip. 

The Acronym for India’s spy agency is RAW.   (The Telegraph Calcutta, Thursday, May 5,2011)

Dogs have Business

I t has always been my belief that many dogs (particularly male) that are not tattered have business, a purpose to their wonderings, irrespective of their owners.  Often I see an untattered dog wondering about on its way checking with his nose to the ground, for which of his friends have been in the area of late.  Or they are head long off on a secret mission of determined importance around their neighborhood.  Maybe going to someone’s house for a cookie, meeting a child after school, or meeting his dog ‘gang’ at a doggy haunt.  There are any number of reasons, but many dogs do have definite reasons for their wonderings and if a University did a study I have no doubt they would find I am correct. 

Yet, I have found during my current travels in places like Myanmar and Kathmandu, Nepal that these worlds are filled with many starving, ill and maimed dogs. Some with cancerous sores all over the outsides of their bodies, mange, other skin diseases, limps, and any number of other medical problems and starvation.  Like many starving, neglected children around the world, these dogs are nothing but listless hunks. Yet, these dogs also have business but it is quite different than that of their healthy counterparts. Their business is having enough strength to forage for food. Survival. 

Words You Might Like to Know

 Cop coon ca  - is thank you to Thailand women

Suk  sa mur  - is  Bali’s way of saying ‘thank you’

                Sur ra  - is good night in Thai I think  ?

Keep checking back to this blog entry as I may add more thoughts and facts as the cross my mind, my eyes and ears.

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