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Our next goal was The Spiti Valley, but this year, although grossly hot in Amritsar and south, the Himalayas have been unseasonably cold; too cold to go wandering off in the hinterlands of one of the more primitive mountainous areas of India with no heat and very few modern facilities.

My favourite hotel in Old Manali

A view from my veranda - music, a reefer, and friends
Instead, off we went to Old Manali by car.  It is ten-hour drive along circuitous roads that follow the local river.  Even with a Vomistop pill I was carsick, but by avoiding food the rest of the way, I arrived at Old Manali in reasonably good shape.  The owner of my favorite hotel, The Dragon Hotel just happened to be on hand to welcome me back,and Jane and I were soon comfortably settled in our separate rooms.  
Dragon Hotel's long veranda
My friends, the owner and Clement who runs the
Old Manali main Street at 5 in the morning

 What does one do in Old Manali, nothing, except enjoy the view, have Ayurvedic massages and reflexology, ride or at least take pictures of Yaks, go for long walks, and go parasailing if the kiosks are opened over at Solvang, which they were not: union problems. Also, I eat the river fish but that’s a personal indulgence.
Olive Garden, never empty morning to night

Old Manali Pashmina cooprative

The looms

Old Manali is best enjoyed through pictures, so here are a few photos of one of my favorite stops in northern India.

One lovely walk:  
A passerby carrying barley

A three hundred year old house

Another 3 hundred year old house

A mountain view

view of the river

A great place for a tea 

Another walk:
Yaks waiting to be ridden

Local lady holding an Angrora Rabbit
Around town:
Resting dogs

A passerby on the Old Manali main street

Ah! relaxation

A beautiful Yak with a sack on his back

Wonderful wall painting

The End


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