Thursday, November 19, 2015

Last week:  MCLEOD GANJ

I spent my last week in India visiting with friends in Mcleod Ganj.  I arrived was greeted with love by Wangchuk, Phillippa and Rigsel.   Unfortunately after two days, they had emergency medical and had to rush off to Delhi.  So there I was with a five days to spare before my flight out.  What to do? 
Rigsel, Wangchuk, and Phillippa
I spent a lot of time photographing the town and surrounding area. I went to Dharamkot, a small village up the mountain about a mile from Mcleod Ganj.  During previously visits I had never visited this village. Mainly because I enjoy walking to these little villages, and in the past, I had often been told I might meet a pack of rabid dogs on the way.  But this trip I decided to take an auto rickshaw up the mountain to Dharamkot and I am glad I did.   
 I also spent some time with my friend, who with her husband owns the Pema Thang hotel located on a quiet hill directly above the HH Dalai Lama’s Temple. She is also a famous Tibetan Opera singer, who until recently preformed in concerts throughout the world.  Daily I also chatted with my friend who owns the local Book Store, located on the same hill as the Pema Thang.  All in all, it was a wonderful week.

    Because you have already read about Mcleod Ganj in previous blog entries, below you will find photos of the area I have not previously shown, and get a bit of commentary about the new activities I have experienced. Enjoy.

 Mcleod Ganj street scenes: 
Two nuns on their way back to their Nunnery.

The Man on the street who repairs my shoes.

Lunching on the street.

Two locals taking a walk

Tibetan ladies dressed in traditional Tibetan clothes chatting outside
their shop.

Out for their daily walk

Street crowd

The man in his shop, who wraps parcels for mailing.
My wrapped package ready for mailing

A great salon

Typical Mcleod Ganj traffic jam. 

An afternoon in Dharamkott:

Viewing Dharamkot from the hillside

Main Street Dharamkot

Signs on the fence in Dharamkot.  Most of the visitors to this village are young people who are former  Isreally soldiers.
It's a village that caters to youth.  It also has it's own rabbi.

Some photos of Pema Thang Hotel and the view from my favorite room.

My favorite Pema Thang Room with its own baloncy and a view of the hillside.

The His Holliness the Dalai Lama's temple as well as housing for many monks.

A little bird that greeted me every morning

The hillside home of the His Holliness the Dalai Lama, who lives there with
his cat.


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