Monday, December 14, 2015

Sarah and Mark's London Bank Holiday weekend

Sarah and Mark join me in London
London's beautiful Tower Bridge

One of the new media equipment recharging stations
now found through out London,which have
replaced most of the red telephone boxes.

To my delight, Sarah and Mark spent the August Bank Holiday weekend with me in London. On the first day, we met with Sarah’s daughter, Katrina who is a fabulous materials designer, 
and the four of us attended the V&A’s (Victoria and Albert Museum’s Shoe exhibit). I never knew shoes were so interesting.
Mark, Katrina and High Tea desserts

After our visit to the V& A, we had a three pm., High Tea at Albert Hall’s Restaurant. 

Some of the High Tea sandwiches

 We finished the day by enjoying our yearly visit to the Royal National Geographic Society International Travel Photography show.
I don't recall the location of this photograph.
 Three Photograghs I found particularly interesting.
A Bea keeper collecting honey in Nepal.

Although it was not a winner, this is one of my  favorite photographs from the 2014 exhibition. Taken in Mongolia,
note the pet cat and pet bird.   

The second day, we went to the children’s pre-parade of the biggest West Indian parade outside of Trinidad, which happens every year in Notting Hill, the last two days in August.

Some unique observers

Waving flags from Caribbean Island nations
Some parade shots

Dancing along the parade route

One of a number of trucks transporting a Steel Band

During our third and last day together, rather than standing in pouring rain watching the major parade, we opted to go to Kew Gardens, one of my favorite places in the London area.  Yes, we were also in the rain, but at least we had breaks from the inclement weather while wandering in and out of the great green houses around the grounds. During our outdoor walks, we were also sheltered by the canopy of giant trees throughout Kew Gardens. 
Enjoying one of Kew's many lakes
 Note:  Kew is also a great place to take children during a London trip. Besides being able to see in the gardens and the unique plants from around the world, there are also activity areas set aside just for kids.
One of the many greenhouses located in the gardens

NOTE:  Besides being a wonderful world-class garden, Kew’s is a world-renowned research facility for studying and preserving flora throughout the world. But because of budget cuts, it currently has a great need of funds to continue their important work.  So if you are thinking about giving, please consider a donation to Kew.  They really could use it as Kew’s research work benefits us all.  Just a thought!

 Some of the unusual plants collected from around the world, and now protected from extinction by the Kew staff.

Now I’m off to Berlin, a city I hadn’t visited in many years.

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