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 In September 2014, I returned from India to my home in Florida because of my previously mentioned fractured elbow.  Here it was determined that no surgery was necessary but I did need physical theory and a bone stimulator to renew the growth of my bones so they would re-grow and connect the damaged bones.  Fortunately, its working nicely and the doctors will soon give me a free bill of health.

Meanwhile, I was fortunately home for the annual Harold and Caryl Unger Thanksgiving luncheon; an American holiday celebrated every year on the third Thursday of November.  I was befriended by the Ungers in the 1960s during a sailing trip in the US and British Islands. 

I have been attending Thanksgiving with them off and on ever since.  Over the years, their family has grown from four young children to four generations of children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.  This year the ages ranged from 7 months to Harold and Caryl now in their late eighties.  The size of the festivities has grown from just a few family members and friends to a potluck turkey luncheon for fifty mostly family and a few friends.  Everyone brings something. 
Tables set for fifty!
Table decerations
For the last few years, I have been the celery designate.  I always thought an odd choice. Dont they think I can cook?  Yet every year all the celery seems as if was leapt on by vultures and devoured before dessert time.  Amazing. This year Caryl actually ask me to bring more, which I did.  Maybe theyre a family of health nuts.  Although some of the menu does not entirely attest to that theory.  Traditionally there was turkey (this year three or four - each at least 20 pounders), numerous types of dressings and cranberry sauces, sweet potato dishes, eggplant, the standard green beans, corn souffle, and other sidesincluding my paltry celery. The desserts were as numerous and diverse as the mains, chocolate cake and many different pies; pecan chocolate, pumpkin, chocolate, apple I cant list them all. 
My dear friends, Harold in the background and Caryl
As usual, Harold gave a wonderful Thanksgiving speech..  Harold has had an external heart pump for the last three years.  So on this day of giving thanks, we were all most thankful for Harolds presence with us at this marvelous family celebration.

Note: We lost Harold on April 2, 2015. His demise was not only a loss for his loving family but also for the whole community.  The funeral was standing room only as Harold was an icon among the Miami Beach community and beyond.  He and his wife, Caryl have been my dear friends for so many years, and his death was a great personal loss to me as well as his family. 

Wendy, Harold and Caryl's elder daughter 

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