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That map again


Goes is has a different kind of atmosphere than we have experienced before.  It is a boaters yacht haven, a little Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.  Traveling on the canal we pass a large bay which is on the outskirts of the town, surrounded by private houses with their personal yachts docked in their waterfront back yards.  Further on, almost in the town, to our left is a marina stuffed full of sail boats; I estimated at least 50.  Once we arrived at the town bridge, which the Ahoy is to big and wide to enter, our captain took advantage of a turning basin, adroitly turned the ship around and docked along the canal side.  

One of the many marinas

Sign about the riding event

On the other side of the lift bridge there is another U shaped harbour with charming Dutch houses (some converted into businesses) all around.  This harbour is also crammed with boats. Sailboats docks in slips on both sides and at the very end are two rows deep of forty foot power boats rafted together. This miniature marina is over-flowing with water vessels from France, Germany, England as well as local Dutch boats; there must be at least 50 or 60 more in this small harbour.  Yet the town with streets that spider out from this central little harbour offers a large gothic church many small museums such as Willie’s Little Shop, an English saddle horse jumping contest during the next few days, nearby beaches and numerous bike riding paths in and around the town.  

In the interior of the town there is a large square on which one side is completely enclosed by the enormous gothic cathedral. But because we arrived an hour later than we had planned, I did get into the Cathedral and the tourist office, but the main local museum was closed by that time.  Too sad. Yet I was able to buy a An International New York Times.  Its news was not all quite as gloom and doom as the guardian.  Also I had a nice raspberry sobert which pepped me up decidedly.  
Tourist office and Museum

A side view of the gothic cathedral 

Inside the cathedral

Another small marina in Coes

We left Goes at 7 AM, off for Dordrecht back tracking much of our river cruising.  Eventually though we passed through,  new to us some very big locks.  Our lock mates being mainly large cargo ships caring fuel, cars and containers bound for who knows where. For the first day, the sky is totally bluish clear and the sun beams down on us.  It is a glorious day. 

Sign for Wiliemstad

Along the way

A view from the boat of Wiliemstad

 We have traveled mostly on rivers (see the maps) and stopped on our way at Williamsted to drop off our two teacher passengers(teachers are hardy souls), so they can take the ferry across the river and ride their bikes to meet us in Dordrecht.  I have been told by more than one bike rider that I am missing the ancient villages that they pass along on  the biking paths.  But I am content with my scenic water path, which gives me a taste of the Dutch environment, and also what I can revisit if/when I return.  

So we are onward to Dordrecht as I write so please excuse me while I go out and enjoy the Dutch landscape.


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